Maggie Spike 2009


"Sol Paradise" CD Reviews

Mona Rodriquez, "Assorted Women Show", WDIY 88.1 FM

"Maggie Spike has found a very enjoyable, very entertaining way to bring a world of music styles and genres to Any-town USA. Good music from good people, take the journey for yourself to discover one of PA's musical treasures"

Cheryl Prashker, Percussionist & President of NERFA (Northeast Regional Folk Alliance)

"Yes, I did indeed listen...what a great CD!! You put a lot of work into it and it has a wonderful sound. I of course am partial to percussion!! (ha ha). It's a great work and I hope others get to hear it all over!!"

Kevin Wesley Williams, Producer/Engineer/Mixer (Phila./Nashville)

"Accordions are so tragic. The opening track "To Be True To You" of the new Maggie Spike record "SOL PARADISE" makes me long to be in Italy. Very haunting and romantic. This collection of songs will definitely take the listener on a brilliant and enjoyable musical journey. The musicianship and production are flawless. The vocal and musical arrangements are interesting and well planned. This record is a beautiful blend of folk, pop, jazz and a taste of the islands. Some of the stand out tracks are: "To Be True To You", "Sweet Surrender", "Your Home Town" and "The Right Place". Peggy and Eric, congratulations on an amazing record."

Joey Welz, CEO, Canadian American Records

"Maggie Spike's Sol Paradise has well-crafted songs with imaginative lyrics married to gracious melodies...just what the music industry needs"

Ian Bruce, Founder, Lehigh Valley Music Conference,

"Maggie Spike are wonderful performers; Maggie's voice is sweet and bright, real good songs, so very entertaining"

Maggie Spike at The Reading Public Museum

Lauren McCarroll, Events & Education Manager

Maggie Spike has been a welcomed performer at the Museum time and again. Each performance, this singer/songwriting duo produces a sound that is engaging and enjoyable to listeners of a wide array of genres. The interesting blend of styles that include folk, rock, jazz, Celtic and other World Music influences show Peggy and Eric clearly love what they do. Maggie Spike is a wonderful duo to work with for all types of events. Bringing professionalism, creativeness and fun wherever they go, they are an easy choice. Their unique talent and sound is an excellent way to add that special touch.

Fan Comments

Comment by Carlo R.

What a treat to see the obvious love of music and each other executed so well in musical form! I was really impressed. Great stuff!!!

Comment on Maggie Spike's whereabouts by Bridget A.

There is something about your music that is so soulful and just unbelievably wonderful!

Comment on Maggie Spike's whereabouts by Jesse/Tracey

It was a pleasure meeting u both,we all had a great time listening to ur music. Molly & Maegan wouldn't stop asking question' s about u both. We look forward to seeing Maggie Spike in the future. Thanks for a great night,we haven't been out that late in a long time.

Comment on Maggie Spike's performances by Darcye M.

Maggie has a voice like a rich Bordeaux. You listen and lose yourself in the full, soft sound.